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About Us
- who we are and what we are about

  • Our Mission Statement:
    To help organisations make a real difference in their performance and customer satisfaction, through the effective leadership of colleagues who are valued and feel valued
  • Our Ethos:
    We are all about valued people and about customer service being the central purpose of any organisation. When people feel valued the organisation will enjoy higher levels of engagement and performance. When people see themselves as significant and see purpose and meaning in what they do they will deliver better results. This is what we believe in, it is what we have practised in business, we know it works and we will help organisations to adopt this winning formula.
  • Who We Are:
    Founded by Jeff Scantlebury, The Valued Group is made up of a number of experienced, like-minded people with a proven track-record in various management and leadership roles within market leading organisations. The team have worked together in business at different times and all share the same beliefs about people, teams and the customer. Jeff calls upon different members of the team, as dictated by the area of expertise required, to work up and deliver the bespoke programmes, based on what an organisation needs. We help organisations to rediscover and refresh their core purpose through their vision and mission, we help to build teamwork and to deliver success. We create efficiencies, by ensuring all processes align with the vision and mission. 
  • Our Values:
    • We ensure people are highly valued
    • We operate with honesty and integrity
    • We are inclusive and open-minded
    • We are straightforward and we keep things simple
    • We offer value for money