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The Valued Group
– key elements of our programme

  • Away-day Workshops:
    Our Away-days are designed to create full team participation, where all colleagues have a voice and take part and where they all take responsibility for creating a new style of teamwork in which everyone shares a common goal. 
  • Strategy/ Mission/ Vision/ Values Planning:
    We help you to get back to the basics of what your organisation is all about – what you stand for and what you aim to achieve, something your people can buy into.
  • Business Planning:
    We work with you to produce a statement that describes your organisation, covering your objectives, strategies and forecasts. This Business Plan will be authentic to your vision, mission and values, helping you to achieve key milestones and to ensure all organisation activities are aligned to deliver the desired result.
  • Mentoring and Coaching:
    We can work with individuals and groups on whatever area of mentoring, coaching and training is needed. We offer ongoing assistance and support to ensure the vision, mission and values are kept alive in the organisation. We offer personal development plans for continued successful management and leadership.

We will discuss your organisation’s requirements with you, evaluate it all and then set out a written proposal, including costings. Sessions will be tailor-made for each individual organisation dependent on your requirements. Afterwards we will carry out a full evaluation with you and your colleagues as to how successful the session has been. We will then be able to work on follow-up sessions, as required.